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Damaged Nipples  Story-1 Story-2 Story-3

Painful nipples are NOT a normal part of breastfeeding.  If the latch looks perfect but you are experiencing PAIN.....something is wrong.  You

are the expert on what you are feeling.  Find a lactation consultant close to where you live to get help with your latch/technique.

Positioning Baby  Story-1 

Have your baby's body tucked in chest touching your breast/chest so his chin is close to your breast.  Aim for his lower lip to be as far from

the base of the nipple as possible giving you an asymmetrical latch.


Is an area of the breast where the milk flow is blocked.  You may experience pain, heat, redness and swelling in your breast. Other symptoms

include chills, fever and flu like symptoms.  Contact your LMC/GP immediately for the right management.

Low Weight Gain  Story-1 Story-2

If you suspect that your baby is not growing well make an appointment with a lactation consultant to do a full breastfeeding assessment to

identify if a problem exists.  The LC will assess if your baby is transferring milk during a feed and assess your baby's output and how settled

he is between feeds.  The LC will take all of these situations into account as she writes a care plan to help your baby begin to put on more



Is a condition where irritating stomach acids are regurgitated into the oesophagus causing pain.  Talk to a lactation consultant to see if your

baby is struggling with an oversupply or food sensitivity which may mimic the symptoms of reflux.


Colic is loud persistent screaming for undetermined reasons and is very distressing.  Babies will appear to want to suck all the time to help

self soothe and this may be confused with hunger signs.  Get some help quickly from a lactation consultant to help you identify possible

causes and develop strategies to help you through this time.

Adoptive Breastfeeding  Story-1 Story-2

Are you expecting a baby via surrogacy/adoption.  Have you considered breastfeeding as an option.  Yes you can breastfeed and enjoy that

wonderful relationship all new mothers dream about.  Find a lactation consultant with experience in this area and begin planning as soon as

you know the baby's due date.

Thrush  Story-1

Are you experiencing pain that lasts through feeding and is not relieved by improved positioning.  Maybe your nipples are red, flaky or shiny. 

These are some of the symptoms of thrush.  Don't let this pain rob you of the joy of your breastfeeding experience.....seek help quickly.


Once your baby is home from hospital you may find you'd like help with latching and breastfeeding as you transition to a fully breastfeeding

experience......this will be different to the schedule you and your baby would have experienced in hospital.

Returning to work

Contact me if you'd like help with a plan for a more smooth transition to the workplace...either all breast or mixed breast/formula feeding. 

When to start pumping and how much to have in store before you resume work.

Tongue Tie  Story-1 Story-2

Do you have persistently sore nipples even though your latch looks good.  Some babies have a restriction of their tongue that is making it

harder for them to fed pain free and get enough milk to keep them full.  Your baby may need  a full assessment by an experienced lactation

consultant to decided if a tongue tie is the cause of your problems.  A simple procedure, frenotomy can release a tight frenulum to help your

baby feed more efficiently.

Oversupply  Story-1 

Is your baby choking/coughing and pulling off the breast?...does your milk spray or run down your breast?  Does this scenario make your

baby unhappy, gassy and colicky/refluxy?  A lactation consultant can help you to slow down the milk volume you are making and help your

baby and you enjoy breastfeeding.

Feeding twins

Yes it is possible to successfully breastfeed twins.  Access as much family help as you can for several weeks following the birth and ensure

you are latching them deeply enough to get a full feed when they are at the breast.  More breast on the tongue means more milk for the baby

and less pain for mother during a feed.  Your midwife/lactation consultant can help with your latching/positioning.

Low milk supply  Story-1

Is your baby fretful, feeding "all day", not wanting to be put down, having some heavy wet nappies and some damp ones at week 2.  Do you

hear lots of swallowing for 10-12 minutes of feeding or just for 2-4 minutes at the beginning.  If he is not close to his birth weight now at 2

weeks we may be looking at a low milk supply.  Have your GP check to see that she is quite well then call a lactation consultant to fully

assess your situation and help you on the right track.

Breastfeeding is an instinctive survival behaviour which most mothers and babies around the world practice without any need for instruction. However breastfeeding is also a learned art and skill with proven benefits to the mother, baby, family and society. Beside each heading below are numbered links to real stories relating to the subjects. Some stories cover more than one subject. Click on the links to read.