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Baby Massage

The Benefits of Baby Massage

Bonding Enhancing bonding and  increasing  awareness of baby's needs as you develop a deeper relationship with your baby.  Helps to develop deeper communication skills through eye to eye contact, loving touch and gentleness of the voice. Alert and Responsive Babies who are massaged are more alert and responsive and they can usually be calmed more easily and cry less. Sleep Because babies that are massaged are often more settled it can promote sound sleep. Immune System Massaged babies have stronger immune systems resisting infections and other health related issues. Involve your whole family Massage can involve the whole family...other siblings, Dads and grandparents can all share and receive love and communication with the baby.

“It is through our hands that we speak to a child,

that we communicate. Understanding comes

long after feeling". 

Dr. F. Leboyer
Touch is a child’s first language

Massage is fun

...it helps you to play with your baby - enjoying each other. Touching your baby is instinctive, it stimulates different systems of the baby's body releasing endorphins, feel good hormones.
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